Property Flipping in West Orange, NJ

According to MLS, property flipping appears to be alive and well in West Orange NJ. Below is a table with raw data on properties which sold and resold less than 1 year later in a section of West Orange. Some are sales where a change in circumstances has resulted in a recently purchased property was re-listed and sold (for example an unexpected corporate relocation), but the vast majority appears to be the actions of investors purchasing properties in need of repairs and reselling them to owners desiring a move in ready home.

wo flips


This data, as mentioned, is raw. It does not explain the specific circumstances of each individual sale, nor does it indicate the costs to accomplish renovations. As a result it is not known whether any of these were profitable enterprises for the investor. However, given the number of transactions it doesn’t seem unreasonable to assume the activity would not take place if it was not profitable.