What is seasonality in New Jersey?

What is seasonality in New Jersey?

Seasonality affects the market every year in New Jersey. In order to fully understand the New Jersey residential single family housing market, one has to understand seasonality. It’s an effect similar to something else New Jerseyans should be familiar with: Traffic….

Record Setting Sale Occurs in Bernardsville

Turpin Realtors in Bernardsville, NJ sold the Upton Pyne estate in Bernardsville for $12,880,000. Upton Pyne was originally a historic 500 acre estate built around 1900 on the Mountain Colony section of Bernardsville. It was built for Percy Pyne, daughter of financier…

What type of appraisal do I need?

As someone about to order an appraisal you may or may not be asking yourself this question. Perhaps you know exactly what you need, maybe you do not. This article will explore that question and how to figure out the…